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How wonderful that you've found your way here. Presumably, that means you're engaged and in search of your wedding photographer. Congratulations!

I am a mother, dog person, organizational wizard, Harry Potter fan, lover of Christmas, and sun worshipper. At 32 years old, I now reside in Hannover, Gehrden, with my two sons and husband.

I'm terribly romantic and a total crybaby - I'm always grateful that I can hide behind the camera when you exchange your vows. I hope we get to know each other soon?!




As a wedding photographer from Hannover, it is my mission to tell individual love stories and capture them for eternity. You won't find posed shots and cheesy settings with me - I love the wild, the natural, and the honest.

My couples are modern individuals who appreciate aesthetics. My heart beats for destination weddings, so I am also working as a wedding photographer in Mallorca and a wedding photographer in Tuscany.

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I'm incredibly excited to hear from you. Weddings abroad are something very special for me, and I look forward to providing you with a personalized offer. I'd be happy to accompany your wedding with a get-together on the eve and, of course, with full coverage from getting ready to the party on the big day.

Please provide me with some information: Who are you, where are you from, where and when will you be getting married, and how do you envision the photographic coverage?

Love, Anna.